Beer, Wine, Soda and Seltzer: Where do the calories come from in what you drink?

Do beverage choices matter?

A typical quarter-pounder has about 400 calories. Surprisingly a typical lager has 180 calories (240 calories for the pint). That means over 1/3 of the calories in your Saturday night burger-and-brew order are coming from the pint glass.

Where do most calories come from in beverages?

Most alcoholic beverage calories come from alcohol (about 7 calories per gram), and most soft drink calories come from sugar (about 4 calories per gram). Increasingly health-conscious consumers are squeezed on the menu between alcohol and sugar calories. Waters all around, please!

Where does Point 5 fit in?

Point 5 has few calories from alcohol or sugar. Here’s why. The process starts with fully fermented beer. This means nearly all the initial sugars have been converted to alcohol. That alcohol is then carefully removed using our patented Revos technology. So no sugar, no alcohol, just the aromatics of a traditional pilsner. Cheers to a crisp, refreshing, non-alcoholic that you can feel good about drinking.

Note: Non-alcoholic beers are calculated at 0.5% ABV. In practise, they typically are even lower.

Data Source: FitBit Food Search.