Why was Point 5 created?

Consumer demand for better tasting non-alcoholic beer!

We recognize people are moving towards drinking less alcohol these days – for health, safety and socio-cultural reasons, to name a few. The problem was there hadn’t been any decent tasting non-alcoholic beers on the market. At least, we didn’t think so.

The options for non-alcoholic beer were outdated and produced in a way that stripes the beers of their natural aromas and flavors. Unsurprisingly, this gave non-alcoholic beer a bad reputation for not tasting as good as REAL beer.

Enter Point 5. We believe everyone deserves to enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of an ice-cold beer, without the alcohol!  So, our number one goal in creating Point 5 was to develop a top-notch, non-alcoholic beer that tastes like beer!

After years of research and development, Irish beer drinker, entrepreneur and MIT graduate engineer Ronan McGovern was able to perfect the Revos™ hyperfiltration technology for alcoholic removal in beer, leaving us all with a non-alcoholic beer that tastes like it’s supposed to!

Cheers to you, Mr. McGovern! Cheers to you.

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What does Point 5 taste like?

Due to our unique brewing process, which allows our beer to maintain its integrity during the alcohol removal process, including the original flavors and aromas, Point 5 tastes just like what you would expect a delicious Pilsner lager should taste like – crisp, refreshing, light in color and body, with a bit of hops. Point 5 is easy to drink and enjoyable with anything, or by itself.

We pride ourselves in making a non-alcoholic beer that actually tastes as authentic as its alcoholic counterpart. Since we don’t need to “enhance” or mix our beer with other flavors after alcohol separation, there are no unexpected bitter or sweet aftertastes like some of our competitors.

How is Point 5 Brewed?

  1. Traditionally Brewed

Essential to crafting its true beer taste, Point 5 is originally brewed as a Pilsner, using traditional fermentation. Which means, every non-alcoholic Point 5 beer you drink started as a full-fledged Pilsner.

  1. Revos™ Alcohol Separation

For Point 5, the way we filter out alcohol from our brew makes all the difference. This is truly where technology impacts taste. 

Currently, Point 5 is the only non-alcoholic beer on the market to use Revos™ hyper-filtration technology, developed by MIT graduates, to carefully extract alcohol, without using heat – another important factor in maintaining the integrity and taste of the originally brewed beer.

This advanced filtration system carefully removes the alcohol without losing the key aromas from the original brew, leaving us with a delicious, non-alcoholic beer that actually tastes like it’s supposed to.


That’s it! No added flavors or chemically enhanced mixology needed.

The Revos™ hyper-filtration technology makes all the difference and it’s why Point 5 non-alcoholic beer tastes, well, like beer.

To learn more about our brewing process and why we are so different, visit the following blog post:


What is Revos™ Hyper-filtration Technology?

Originally developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Revos™ technology uses an enhanced hyper-filtration membrane – basically, a “super” micro-filter with holes bigger than water and alcohol, but smaller than the key aromas that make that great beer taste – to push water and alcohol particles out of the beer, leaving only the key flavors, maintaining the integrity and taste of the beer. The innovation with Revos™ is in the accuracy of particle separation in which alcohol can be removed, through the design of the filters, flow rates and pressures.

Why is it called Point 5?

We like to keep things simple. So, we named our beer based on the definition of a non-alcoholic beverage, which can only be classified as such if it contains .5% alcohol or less. No marketing fluff needed, because the product speaks for itself.

So there’s still a bit of alcohol in Point 5?

Yep! Just under .5%.

How much alcohol is .5%?

There are many common foods and beverages that also contain small amounts of alcohol. A common example is Kombucha, which typically also contains just less than .5% alcohol, per serving.  Other items linked with small traces of alcohol include soy sauces, vinegars and even some carbonated beverages†.

†June 16, 2020. Ethanol Ingestion through Soft Drinks and flavored Beverages

How many calories are in one Point 5 beer?

One Point 5 beer contains less than 60 calories, per 12 oz. bottle – 58.05 to be exact, with only 11.02 net carbs. So go ahead, have another one.