Point 5 - 12-pack

Point 5 Non-alcoholic Beer – Now Available Online

Today, Point 5 launches for sale online in the US with the support of our friends at (Buy Point 5 here). As it goes online for the first time, I want to take the opportunity to share a little bit more our goals at Point Five Brewing. Here they are by order of priority!

1. A True Beer Taste – Point 5 should deliver an exceptionally close match on taste to a fully fermented beer. We believe that the only way to get a true beer taste is to first go through the full process of fermentation and then – as delicately as possible – remove the alcohol while retaining the beer’s aroma and character. With Point 5, our goal is always to get as close as possible in taste to the original fermented pilsner.

2. A Focus on One Single Style – Point 5 is the only style of non-alcoholic beer that we will make for the foreseeable future. We are putting all of our eggs in the one basket so that we can be fully focused on the quality of that one product. There will be brands out there that are more exotic and provide more variety, but the goal of Point Five is to offer a refreshing experience that folks want to come back to time and time again.

3. A Focus on Getting Shipping Costs Down – As a non-alcoholic beverage, the doors are wide open to distributing Point 5 in ways that would not be possible for an alcoholic beer. We see this as a huge opportunity to make Point 5 available widely and affordably to consumers. While Point 5 has been available at retail in Cambridge and Boston, this push online is a first step towards serving our fans at home across the US. Still, we know shipping costs for you are too high and we need to be focused on getting those down. We’re at step one on this right now and over the next months we’ll be announcing steps two and three as to how we’ll make Point 5 more accessible, so stay tuned.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on the brand, the packaging and – most of all – the taste. You can find me on Twitter at @RonanKMcGovern or via @Point5Brewing on Instagram or Twitter.

Cheers, Ronan